Waterproofing & Tiling


Atlantis Shower bases are 100% waterproof, additional waterproofing on the tray area is not required.  When tiling shower walls a compatible waterproofing & tiling system must be used.  A producer statement must be provided (to the Council Authority and Owner), detailing the tiling system used and the registered applicator ID number.  Applicators must be trained and hold current Accreditation with the respective system being utilised for the Warranty to be valid.

All waterproofing and tile installation must be installed as per manufacturers specifications, as any deviation from the instructions may result in a product failure.


Installation Steps

Existing timber floor
Flooring from the shower area removed. Plumbing setup for the correct waste position
Extra blocking added between floor joists
Additional flooring installed to create a recessed platform for the base to sit on
Linea Quattro shower base fitted using the supplied construction adhesive
Waste fitting top connected. Shower walls lined to finish flush with the shower base upstand
Shower base adhesion layer and membrane connection strips applied to the shower base and where the base connects with the floor and walls

Walls and floor waterproofed using your preferred liquid waterproofing method
Wall glazing channels fitted directly onto the waterproof membrane, interlocking with the factory-sealed base glazing channels
Shower/bathroom tiled
Tap ware installed
Atlantis 2120mm frameless glass screens installed. Linea Quattro watertight shower is complete

Recommended Tiling Adhesives

When adhering ceramic or porcelain tiles to an Atlantis shower base, the acrylic surface of the base must first be sanded to achieve adequate adhesion.  The base must be sanded in a North, South, East, West direction. Tiles adhesive must then be back buttered to the shower tray.  Listed below are independently tested tiling systems and procedures.



Laticrete has carried out independent testing, below are products tested when tiling directly onto the Atlantis acrylic shower tray –



Mapei has carried out independent testing, below are products tested when tiling directly onto the Atlantis acrylic shower tray –

Atlantis Essential Waterpoofing Tapes


Available to purchase from Atlantis are the Essential Waterproofing Tapes.   Included in the package is  an adhesion layer , base to wall reinforcements band and base to floor connection band.

The Atlantis shower base has a waterproof surface.  The function of the adhesion layer is to provide an adhesion surface only.  Using this method allow for a large range of liquid waterproofing products to be used for waterproofing over the entire shower area.  The reinforcement band and floor connection band creates a secure connection between the shower base and adjoining substrate prior to waterproofing.